Engpiso aims to develop a plurality of actions focused on environmental preservation and biodiversity. Through EOPIS (Optimized Study for Sustainable Industrial Flooring), the main objective is to use a superficial or deep treatment in order to exponentially increase CBR, which improves soil quality, increases productivity and contributes to the preservation of the environment, reducing water consumption and CO2 emissions, in order to ensure sustainable growth and value creation.

Conscious of minimizing the aggressions that civil construction causes to the environment, we present in our portfolio execution of concrete floors and pavements reinforced with fibers in substitution of the use of steel, reducing in up to 90% the use of the steel, contributing to the decrease of Emission of CO². The use of fibers can reduce cracking, decrease concrete thicknesses, increase tensile strength in bending and surface strength, and increase durability. A sustainable solution, using lighter material, easy to handle, and free of oxidation.