Founded on June 26, 1995, Engpiso is a truly Bahia company specializing in Concrete Floor and  Special Coatings, which invests in the development of new technologies and a growing commitment on sustainable development for the construction industry.

With a portfolio of over than 7 million square meters executed  works, including operations in the international market (Angola), it was also present in the execution of large projects such as the Ford Complex in Camaçari-BA, Arenas Recife-PE, Sauipe-BA And the Fonte Nova in Salvador; Salvador Shopping, Shopping Rio Mar in Fortaleza, Monsanto, CD Insinuante, Frigelar’s Store in Salvador among others.

Nowadays Engpiso is present at Áity Business Incubator in the Bahia Technology Park, an environment planned to transform innovative ideas into successful cases, having a partnership with UFBA, Ucsal and Senai-Cimatec, aiming at developing sustainable and innovative solutions bring lower cost and more benefit to our customers, besides participating in Innovation and Sustainability Projects such as ICV Global, which is a partnership between the Center for Sustainability Studies of Fundação Getúlio Vargas – School of Business Administration of São Paulo – (FGV) -EAESP (GVces)) and the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (ApexBrasil), which aims to facilitate the internationalization of Micro and Small Enterprises (SMEs) that are differentiated by their attributes of innovation and sustainability, and the Low Project Carbon, which aims to bring Brazilian and European companies closer together, with a view to transferring Low carbon  technology and efficient production processes in 8 sectors of the economy, which result  in the  participation of Engpiso in the Important Polutech / Lyon in 2016.


Social Responsibility and Citizenship

Engpiso participates in the project New Start, which aims at the professional qualification of inmates of the prison system. The objective of the program is t promote citizenship and, consequently, to reduce recidivism of crimes, allowing a resocialization.